Skilled and Friendly Dental Care in Jacksonville

Skilled and Friendly Dental Care in Jacksonville

August 7, 2019

Alani Dental is one of your top choices for dental services in the Jacksonville, Florida area. Yes, we know everybody says this – but we mean it.

We love serving families all over the Jacksonville area. Come in and check us out to get a warm and friendly experience from a local dentist. We’re confident you will want to make us your home for good dental care for the entire family.

Stepping in the Door

We know that your first experience in a dental office is an important time. You have a lot of choices, and it’s hard to know where to go. You have large corporate offices operating on an urgent care model, and small local businesses that may have been around for a while. But how do you know which is right for you?

At Alani Dental, we love the opportunity to prove ourselves when you walk in the door. There’s a reason we put our staff bios and pictures on the website. These are good people who enjoy helping you to improve your quality of life and keep your mouth looking good, as well as helping you with preventing big dental problems that you don’t want to experience in the future. We care enough to point you in the right direction – but we never blame patients. We know that it’s hard to manage your dental health on your own – that’s why we’re here!

We Provide Everything Dental

We also provide a wide range of services here. Alani Dental helps with basic cleanings and cavities as well as root canals and extractions. We can do mouth reconstruction and implants. We can provide teeth whitening and Invisalign services. Emergency dentistry is no problem. We help with teeth grinding or bruxism recommending the best solutions to help you keep your teeth in good condition. We also look at gum disease on a proactive basis.

The good news is that in many situations, you can save your teeth by doing proactive dental care. So we’ll help with that, and help you avoid a lot of problems and a huge amount of money later in life.

International Experience

Dr. Alani comes to us from the United Arab Emirates. We see that as an absolute asset for operating a dental office anywhere in the world.

The United Arab Emirates and some of its gulf coast neighbors are premier places for global travelers to go for medical care. People fly in from all over the world to enjoy state-of-the-art medical services in the UAE. So being able to bring that level of care to the United States is an honor that we appreciate.

Come down to Alani Dental and experience modern, practical dental care in a welcoming facility.